The Graduate School

The Graduate School of Social Sciences was established in 1982-1983 academic year and has completed a 29 years period of successful administration and service. Here in Graduate School of Social Sciences, we administer 29 masters and 21 doctoral programs, in total 54 graduate programs under twenty-four departments. Every year we enroll approximately 300 students and graduate 75 students, 55 of them with a master’s degree and 20 with a doctoral degree.
The mission of the Graduate School of Social Sciences, which is based upon Anadolu University’s vision, is to

  • contribute to the universal scientific knowledge base,
  • provide an international level of education and education related services,
  • develop and coordinate multidisciplinary programs that would meet needs of the environment (various stakeholders),
  • initiate prominent researches and publications,
  • engender individuals whose academic, social, cultural and personal features are at international levels.

The strong organizational culture, the exemplary infrastructure, the ambition to pioneer and the organizational climate of Anadolu University, which has an important role in Turkey’s higher education structure, give us strength in achieving the objectives of the Graduate School of Social Sciences. Besides, we would like to emphasize the privilege of living in Eskişehir, which we characterize as an ideal student city, as another important source of motivation.
Yours Sincerely,
Prof. Dr. Metin ÇOŞKUN
Director of Graduate School of Social Sciences